Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Painted Kitchen Walls

In addition to painting large and small scale "painted stories", floral and fruit
still life works, creating garden basins and planter-head pots in concrete in
the warmer months, my studios (country and garden), I also paint the walls
of my home in one-of-a-kind whimsical designs and images.
~a painted kitchen wall, flowing with huge dreamy roses~
 The kitchen "garden room", inspired by my wacky passions for gardening,
was conceived as a glorious retreat from Central New York winters, where
deep summer envelopes year round.
 ~another painted kitchen wall, with more roses and border designs~
Although it is a rather small room, we all gather in the painted
kitchen, sitting around the pine table, in the painted
Adirondack chair, and on the floor to talk, eat, share, and

~adirondack chair, painted with an enveloping diva~
 ~detail of roses, kitchen hand painted walls~
 ~detail of tassels, kitchen hand painted walls~
 ~detail of flora, kitchen hand painted walls~
 ~detail of tassels and birds, kitchen hand painted walls~